Why participate in the MNK conference?

Guest blog by Kirsten Bott, VP Communications GSA & PhD Student in Applied Health Sciences

Mapping the New Knowledges Conference is a fantastic opportunity and experience for any graduate student. There is a lot of value for students to present at this interdisciplinary conference whether it is your first time to gain experience or in preparation for another conference to hone your presentation skills. The interdisciplinary aspect of this conference allows students to connect with other departments and faculties they may not otherwise interact with. Speaking with individuals from other disciplines can provide a new prospective on your research and fosters new research ideas.

I have previously attended and presented at this conference and keep coming back for more. This conference has allowed me to gain experience presenting in a friendly and supportive environment. The coming together of the diverse research that happens at Brock makes this conference truly unique. The multidisciplinary aspect of the conference has helped me with my knowledge translation, a now essential skill, to present my research in a more understandable format for individuals outside my research area. This conference encourages a variety of submissions, whether your project is a proposal, work in progress, or a completed study. Even if you are not presenting I highly recommend attending the conference to learn about other research areas, network, and experience the growing graduate student culture here at Brock.



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