Get your abstracts in for Three Minute Thesis (3MT)

Get your abstracts in – Brock’s 2017 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Challenge is still accepting proposals!

Three minutes. One slide. No props.

These are the fundamentals of Brock University’s 3MT (three minute thesis) Challenge. Taking place March 30, 2017, the annual competition gives grad students three minutes to explain their research in a way that captivates judges and others from outside their discipline.

The 3MT has led a wave of novel communications exercises in universities and colleges over the last several years.

An University Affairs article highlighted the value these opportunities hold for students, particularly those in PhD and master’s programs, such as:

  • developing soft skills;
  • telling their research stories to broader audiences in a compelling way;
  • and, in the process, gaining “a tiny bit of fame.”

Brock held its first 3MT Challenge in 2013. In that short four-year period, two of our champions have advanced to the national finals. Last year, Brock’s Carly Cameron was one of the Ontario competitors to be chosen for the Canadian final. Her presentation at the nationals resonated with viewers and Carly received top votes to win Canada’s 2016 People’s Choice Award.

Carly says 3MT was a fantastic experience for her both on a personal and academic level.

“As a graduate student you find yourself becoming absorbed in your work and your field. By being part of 3MT®, you get a chance to talk with students from other programs and to realize the range of research under way here at Brock and at universities across the province. I encourage people to seize opportunities such as this, which push you outside your comfort zone — you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.”

If you are a Brock graduate student, here’s your chance to experience 3MT. Find out more about 3MT on Brock’s website. And, to get a feel for presentation styles, take a few minutes and watch videos of Carly and the other 2016 Canadian finalists.

Apply now!


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