Student Spotlight – Mark Hoffarth


Brock Psychology PhD student Mark Hoffarth and his supervisor Professor Gordon Hodson were among researchers highlighted in an online article that recently appeared on the Quartz website.

The Nov. 17 posting is titled “You need to get inside the mind of a climate change denier if you want to change it.”

The article draws attention to recent research by Hoffarth and Hodson that set out to examine how — and why — political beliefs affect perceptions of climate change.

Earlier this year, their paper, Green on the outside, red on the inside: Perceived environmentalist threat as a factor explaining political polarization of climate change,” was published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

Hoffarth, who was lead author, explained in a Brock News interview that the paper was a reflection of U.S. political rhetoric.

“The watermelon metaphor comes from a view that is sometimes put forth in right-wing political discussions: environmentalists say they are ‘green’ and care about the environment, but some on the right insist that environmentalists are actually promoting Red Communist or socialist policies,” he says. “In other words, ‘green’ on the outside, but ‘red’ (Communist/socialist) on the inside.”

To find out more about about their study, read the story in Brock News.

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