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Guest Blog by Lauren Wilks, Graduate Student Peer Health Educator

There’s no doubt about it: grad student life is hard and sometimes it can totally suck.  Whether your immune system has been destroyed by late nights of trying to finish marking a hundred papers, your friends have held an intervention because your consuming so much coffee that your eyelids will literally NOT stop twitching, or you’re finding that it takes the bulk of your energy just to drag yourself into the shower in the morning, Brock has resources available to help you.

Physical health and wellness are two key parts of being a successful and happy grad student.  Coughing all over your keyboard while trying to write your thesis and constantly having to carry a box of Kleenex in your already-jammed-full-of-books backpack isn’t fun.  Fortunately, Brock Student Health Services in Harrison Hall is staffed with nurses, doctors, a physiotherapist, a Mental Health Nurse, and a Psychologist who can all help keep you well.  Appointments can be made in person or over the phone, and walk-in clinics are also available.  Brock also has a Campus Pharmacy in the East Academic plaza where you can fill your prescriptions.  More information can be found at  The Graduate Student Association offers a health and dental plan as well: go to for more information about what the plan offers and how to file claims.

Mental health and wellness are also an important part of maintaining balance in grad school.   Fortunately, Brock also provides many opportunities for students to take care of their mental wellness.  In addition to the Psychologist and the Mental Health Nurse at Student Health Services, personal counselling is available and is free to all Brock students.  If you are concerned about bumping into any undergrad students that you may TA in the counselling office, there is an alternate location in the old grad lounge area that is available to you.  When calling to make an appointment, let the receptionist know that you are a grad student and you can have your session moved to the grad location.  Check out for more information regarding counselling or, if you are off campus or would rather speak to someone over the phone, Good2Talk ( is a post-secondary student helpline that can be reached at any time at 1-866-925-5454.  Brock has also recently launched a new mental health and wellness website that features links to information on mental health issues, how to support friends or family members in distress, referral strategies, ways to reach out for your own support and ask for help, and information on self-care and resiliency. Go to to take a look at the site!

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