Academic Integrity

What is academic integrity?  At Brock, and across the globe, academic integrity refers to your acknowledgment of and respect for the academic principles and behaviours that support the University’s mission, which extends to how you represent yourself on campus and in the local and wider communities.

Academic integrity is a core value at Brock, meaning that students (indeed, all academics) are expected to accept responsibility for the quality of their work by presenting it honestly and with transparency.

We know that you work hard and we’re here to support you throughout your studies as a graduate student so if you have any questions about academic integrity drop by our offices to speak to someone or visit the Academic Integrity website.

Be proud of your work and don’t be afraid to ask questions! As with most things, much of this comes down to simple common sense; nonetheless, there are extensive resources on campus to help you ensure that your work will meet with the highest standards of integrity and quality.

Here are some of the resources available to grad students:

Vitae: Essential Skills for Graduate Students

Academic Integrity

James A Gibson Library

A-Z Learning Services

Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities


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